Say Cheese! Is Your Smile Ready for Pictures?

Spring has sprung and our Polaris dentist and staff are ready to put away our winter coats and welcome the warmer weather and sunshine.  As we shed our layers of clothing and unbundle winter scarves, are you uncovering your best smile? Or does it need a little attention?  If you are gearing up for a spring event like graduation or a wedding, give our team a call.  We’ll make sure your smile is perfect for pictures and recorded special moments.

There are great benefits to having a dazzling smile.  Whether you want to improve your smile for a specific event or no event at all, a beautiful smile is worth the investment.  Here are just a few things to consider if you’re wondering why you should focus on your own smile.

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A gorgeous smile depicts confidence

If you are in a room full of family members and guests, a smile makes you approachable.  When you hide in the corner or cover your mouth with your hand when you talk, chances are you’re not happy with your smile.  Cosmetic dentistry can boost your confidence.  You’ll enjoy spending more time talking with loved ones and won’t have to worry about your teeth.

Stress and anxiety in social situations can be caused by how you see yourself in the mirror.  Relieve yourself of these emotions by talking with our Polaris dentist.  A simple consultation with our team creates an oral treatment plan that will get your smile on the road to improvement.  Once your smile is restored, you’ll use it more often.  As a bonus, smiling is known to ease stress.


Become the center of attention

Smiles are noticed and draws guests to you and not away.  A welcoming smile puts your guests and fellow party goers at ease.  In contrast, if you frown, not only are you gaining wrinkles, you automatically push people away.


Increased productivity

If your calendar is filled with not only social experiences, but work meetings as well, a great smile is a must.  Office gatherings, client meetings, and peer-to-peer networking are more worthwhile to your career when you are happy.  Show off your smile and let your co-workers see the confidence and pride you take in yourself and your job.  You’ll work smarter and better when you have a professional look complete with a brilliant smile.


Our Polaris dentist offers a variety of services that will ensure you get the smile you’ve always wanted.  Whiter teeth, restorative procedures, and cosmetic services are all options that will rebuild your smile and have you ready for the camera.  For more information regarding our services visit our website or Facebook page and get excited for how you’ll look when your big moment arrives.

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