Does a Missing Tooth Matter?

A child who has lost a tooth has cause for a small celebration.  The tooth fairy is called in and the child is rewarded.  This celebration is a recognition of the young one growing up and typically a call for smiles and fun.  A missing tooth, on the other hand, for an adult is a much bigger deal and unfortunately, it doesn’t come with coins under one’s pillow.  When an adult tooth is gone it does not get replaced; there isn’t another tooth coming in to replace it.  As the dentist Polaris area residents trust with their smiles and cosmetic dentistry, know we can help if you have a missing tooth.

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The Shifting Problem

The problem with a missing tooth when you are an adult isn’t just cosmetic. When a tooth is gone, it can cause the other teeth to move into that gap. This increases the surface area exposure which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, the teeth will become crooked which then affects your bite and jaw structure. Over time, the teeth will wear down more easily and will need professional care from our Polaris dentist.

Posterior Teeth

A missing tooth towards the back of the mouth is often ignored by patients since it doesn’t show. The truth is these teeth, referred to as posterior teeth, do show. When you speak, yawn, and eat, the missing tooth is quite evident. This gap leaves your oral health susceptible to issues such as TMD, decay, gingivitis, and bone loss. The root of the tooth that once was held in place and supported by the jaw bone is absent resulting in bone loss as the health of the bone erodes. As this happens, your facial structure will start to take on a sunken look.

Fractured Teeth

A missing tooth puts extra stress on the remaining teeth. This extra stress causes teeth to crack or break more easily. With this action, you then face the option of extracting the tooth or saving it with a crown or bridge procedure. Skip the extra, unwanted dental procedures and fix the missing tooth right away. Our Polaris dentist offers restorative dental services that will help your oral health remain strong.

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