Pumpkin Season Is Good For Your Health

Happy autumn from your Polaris dentist team! Now that fall equinox has passed, be ready to see pumpkins everywhere! This is great news for your smile, as pumpkins are great for your health! 

Are they a fruit, vegetable, or root? Pumpkins are so valuable that each group would love to have pumpkins on the team. Technically the pumpkins are a fruit of the pumpkin vine since they’re edible with seeds. The seeds are a great source of vitamins and minerals on their own, and one could argue that the seeds are their own superfood. 

Pumpkins made their way from Central America, where the Mayans and Aztecs utilized and enjoyed them for thousands of years. England started using pumpkins in their sweet and savory pies around the 1500s. It’s widely accepted that early American colonists enjoyed pumpkins with the Wampanoag tribe. When a molasses shortage would have prevented the demand for pumpkin pie to be fulfilled, one town in Connecticut postponed Thanksgiving! Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in the 1800s, confirming the public’s perceived value of the celebration. Where there’s a demand, the market will supply. One company began canning pumpkins in the 1900s for easy household use. Here are some great health benefits of pumpkin for a healthy body and smile. 

Oral Health Benefits

Pumpkins are a fantastic low-calorie nutrient-dense superfood. They are full of water, fiber, and other essential vitamins and minerals that support overall health. They’re often recommended by dieticians for their ability to reduce blood glucose levels, increase insulin, and improve glucose tolerance, which together helps manage food cravings for a healthy weight. 

Pumpkins offer an abundance of antioxidant vitamins and minerals like A, C, and E, and other minerals that repair and grow tissue and bone. Vitamin A will strengthen your immune system and fight infections. Collagen protein from Vitamin C will support healthy skin and act as a natural sunblock from harmful UV rays. It also neutralizes free radicals and provides antioxidants, keeping you younger for longer. Potassium will increase your bone mineral density, support muscle contraction and water balance, digestion, and support healthy blood pressure. If you’re especially active, replace your depleted electrolytes by opting for pumpkin. They have more potassium than bananas! The potassium, together with calcium, will also help keep your teeth strong. Vitamin E, along with iron and folate will support a healthy immune system. As a team, these nutrients will help to prevent gingivitis and gum disease.

Your dentist Polaris team encourages superfoods like pumpkin as part of your diet for good oral health. Eating nutrient-dense foods is just as important to maintaining a healthy mouth as brushing and flossing are. There is a multitude of ways to include pumpkin into your diet over the next few months. They are a delicious way to include the nutrition that your Polaris cosmetic dentist encourages. Pumpkin-flavored items don’t have the nutritional benefits that eating the fruit would, and they add a lot of sugar typically. Everything is fine in moderation, but remember to brush your teeth when you choose a slice of pumpkin pie!

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