Why Your Polaris Dentist Team Recommends Thanksgiving Leftovers for Good Oral Health

No matter what your plans are for the Thanksgiving holiday this week, you’ll likely have a few incredible menu options to choose from. Thanksgiving is typically a permission slip to overindulge in calories and servings. If you’re lucky, you may have some leftovers after spending time with your loved ones. When eaten in moderation, the foods that we would salivate over at the Thanksgiving table are healthy options. Your Polaris dentist team recommends Thanksgiving leftovers for good oral health:
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Green  Beans

While green beans technically qualify as a fruit, these legumes or “veggies” are a great source of Vitamins, A, B-Complex, C, K, potassium, and manganese. Saliva production is greatly increased with Vitamin A. The proper amount of saliva aids in digestion, starting with clearing the food particles from your teeth which would otherwise lead to tooth decay. B-complex is great for energy, without the acidity of coffee. Your immune system will thank you for the immune boost from Vitamin C. This also helps soft tissue repair, like your gums and the roof of your mouth. Vitamin K is great for regulating calcium levels in blood, which is good for your teeth and bones, further supported by manganese.


Cranberries are packed with Vitamin C, fiber, and manganese. Any source of vitamins and minerals is welcome… even though cranberries on the Thanksgiving table are typically loaded with sugar. These are nature’s candy. You could also sweeten them with other fruits like apples and oranges without extra processed sugar. It’s important to drink water with sweet dishes, so you give your mouth an opportunity to clear away stuck food debris. Fiber is great for your digestion and manganese is a great addition to make sure your teeth and bones stay strong and healthy.

Sweet Potatoes

The candied yams we’re used to seeing at the Thanksgiving table are typically swimming in melted marshmallows to achieve the “candy” effect. Purple sweet potatoes and yams are just as sweet without the added sugar, so if you can save some of this dish for the days following the holiday, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The Vitamin A present is so essential for your diet and digestion that we’ve listed it here a few times. The better you can clear stuck food particles away from your teeth and guide them out of your digestive tract easily, the better you’ll look and feel!


We’re aware that too much turkey can make you sleepy, because of its high levels of tryptophan, which is converted post-absorption into serotonin, melatonin, and B6. If you can resist the urge to overdo it, a standard serving size of turkey shouldn’t put you in a food coma. Serotonin can help boost your mood. B6 will also help boost your mood and with red blood cells, which are present nearly everywhere in your body. Also, turkey is a more lean source of protein than other alternatives.

Your food choices affect you from the inside out, starting with the gratitude you feel for them. This Thanksgiving, your Polaris dentist team recommends Thanksgiving leftovers as a challenge for you to continue your feelings of gratitude long after the feasts are done. Leftovers taste even better when you appreciate them and the nutrition they bring to your body. The nourishment that your food provides you and the loved ones around you are both things to be celebrated year-round, regardless of the season. You have endless opportunities to share your smile with those you spend time and eat with. We’re grateful for you and would be grateful if you like our Facebook page too!


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