If your teeth are chipped, have slight gaps, or if you would like to cover your stains up, bonding is a great treatment for you.

Dental Group at Polaris offers bonding treatments in a just one treatment session.

What is bonding?

Bonding uses materials to match the color of your teeth and then bonds them to the exterior of your teeth. These materials are made into a resin which gets shaped and carefully placed on your teeth. The resin is hardened by a special chemical or light process. A special chemical or light process is used to harden the resin onto your teeth.

Why should I bond my teeth?

Bonding can be used to fill small cavities or chipped teeth. It is also used to mask stains on teeth that brushing or whitening may not remove. Chipped or cracked teeth that are left untreated are at high risk for tooth decay as they are hard to clean. Dental Group at Polaris has been bonding clients teeth to help them achieve a happier, healthier smile for over 31 years.

How do I take for and maintain a bonded tooth?

Good dental care and treatment are essential to maintaining your bonded tooth.

Regular Checkups

Although the bonding material strongly secured on you teeth, it is recommended to schedule routine checkups to ensure the strength and health of your bonded teeth. Damaged teeth can be harmful to the health of your entire mouth.

Oral Hygiene

Proper dental care is key to preventing cavities from forming around the bonded area. Look for products with the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.


Keep away from foods that may be harmful or discolor your bonded teeth. Not only does your diet keep your teeth looking great, it helps your overall dental health.

If bonding seems like a good treatment option for you, call us at (614) 888-3692 or come into our practice in Lewis Center, OH. Our team at Dental Group at Polaris is eager to answer your questions and choose a time that works best for you to come see us. Bonding can help improve your health and smile, giving the smile and confidence you’ve always wanted.