Save your Smile: Quit Smoking

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As a dentist Polaris patients visit for their family and cosmetic dentistry needs, would it also surprise you to learn that we are overly concerned about your overall health needs as well?  We hope it doesn’t come as a surprise.  In fact, recently our Polaris dentist staff was discussing the Great American Smoke-out Day and wondered how we could […]

The Horrors of Halloween Hygiene

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Let’s face it, without proper oral hygiene and dental exams, your mouth could easily take after the smiles adorning the glowing jack-o-lanterns this month.  So what better time to discuss hygiene and health for your oral cavity?  And as a bonus, it’s National Dental Hygiene Month!  Our Polaris dentist and staff love this time of […]

The Importance of Dental Exams

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The beginning of fall is the perfect time to get organized.  We’ve had a great summer, enjoyed our vacations, and sung plenty of songs around the campfire.  Yet, now it’s time to take inventory of our life.  What didn’t get done over the summer?  What needs to get done now before winter?  Have you visited […]

Oral Health: What’s your Method of Learning?

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With children of all ages heading back to school this year, let’s take a moment to focus on how they learn.  Every one of us has our own method of learning; one in which works best for us to retain information.  Understanding how you learn may be different from how your child processes information.  Additionally, […]

Root Canal or Tooth Extraction

Root Canal Polaris dentist

Nearly 100 years ago, a dentist by the name of Weston Price promoted the extraction of teeth due to an abscess or infection over a root canal procedure.  Since then, his research and theory regarding tooth extraction has been widely debunked and for various reasons.  As a Polaris dentist specializing in restorative dental care, let’s […]

Summer, Sugar, and Sun

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When summer rolls around, the request for treats increases.  Of course, who can blame us?  Gooey s’mores by the campfire, pop-up lemonade stands, and prevalent ice cream trucks all are signs of the season.  However, these sweets, while tasty, aren’t especially great for your teeth.  So, how can you and your children stay healthy while […]

Mouthguards for Football and More

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It’s common knowledge that a mouthguard has become more widely accepted in football and sports than ever before.  Ongoing research in regards to player safety while on the court or field is uncovering data that mouthguards reduce the risk of concussions; a frequently debated topic today.  Our Polaris dentist recommends wearing a mouthguard for any […]

Oral Health, Vitamin D, and a Little Bit of Sunshine

Oral Health Vitamin D

Though it seemed like spring weather would never come this year, our Polaris dentist and staff are happy to see the green grass and fresh blossoms.  Like you, we are ready for sunshine and fresh air to replenish the vitamin D we crave.  Vitamins are essential to your oral health, and vitamin D is no […]

Say Cheese! Is Your Smile Ready for Pictures?

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Spring has sprung and our Polaris dentist and staff are ready to put away our winter coats and welcome the warmer weather and sunshine.  As we shed our layers of clothing and unbundle winter scarves, are you uncovering your best smile? Or does it need a little attention?  If you are gearing up for a […]

What Your Smile Tells Others

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Ever wonder how others see you?  Do you exude confidence or timidness?  Do you have a welcoming persona or do you close yourself off to people?  Our body language says a lot about who we are, even when we don’t consciously think about it.  Besides how we present ourselves to others and our body language, […]