A beautiful smile is key to making lasting impressions. The 31 years of experience we have serving the Lewis Center area is unmatchable. You can rely on our knowledgeable staff to give you the results and smile you’ve always wanted. A better smile leads to a more confident you. As a Polaris cosmetic dentist, we’ll help get your confidence back and look better than ever.

Cosmetic dentistry Lewis Center not only improves the look of your smile, but can also enhance your overall dental health. Although you may not notice it, a crooked tooth or overbite can place stress on teeth and jaw muscles, causing pain or discomfort overtime. Cosmetic Dentistry can reduce these issues caused by irregular alignment.

There are many advantages to enhancing the look of your smile. Some benefits of cosmetic dentistry Lewis Center include:

Improved Mood

You are more likely to off your smile when you feel confident about it. Studies show when you smile, it not only increases your mood, but the mood of those around you. According to the Scientific American, smiling boosts your mood, the mood of others, and has the potential reduce painful feelings. Let our skilled team help you get a smile you’ll want to show off!

Friendly Environment

According to Psychology Today, smiling is infectious and enhances people’s moods. The more you smile, the happier and friendlier your environment will be.

Better Relationships

After cosmetic dentistry Lewis Center treatments, our clients feel revitalized and their constant smiles certainly speak for themselves. The journal, Motivation and Emotion found that people who had bigger smiles have more stability in their marriages and greater interpersonal skills. Your new smile can improve relationships, new and old.

Healthier Overall

A good-looking smile is usually a well functioning smile. Balancing your bite and evening out the tension in your mouth allows for better functionality, which is essential to your overall health. When you don’t chew your food properly you are not getting all the nutrients in your food. The longer you chew your food the smaller it gets, which allows your body to break it down more easily. The longer is take you to chew also means the longer it will take you to finish eating.

A University of Rhode Island study found that people actually ate about ten percent less calories when they ate slower. Obesity is a major health issue that affects people all around the world and can have a severe impact on your health. A proper functioning mouth can help you sustain a healthier, happier, and perhaps longer life.

Increased Longevity

With the help of our cosmetic dentistry Lewis Center team, you can start feeling more confident and proud of your smile. The more you show off your smile, the longer you might live. A study from Wayne State University observed images and found that the power of smiles in pictures was associated with life spans. Individuals with stronger smiles tended to out outlive those with weaker or no smiles. We want to help get you smiling well into the future!


Smiling enhances focus, which will allow you to be more driven and successful. A study from the University of California evaluated pictures of women and touched base with them throughout their lives. The women who had positive expressions were also more likely to have feelings of being more focused, capable, organized, goal-oriented, and overall less negative. We can help enhance your positivity and get you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Appealing Appearance

Aesthetic dentistry dramatically changes the appearance of your smile. You don’t have to smile with your mouth closed any longer. Our team of skilled cosmetic dentists will give you a smile to be proud of. You won’t want to stop smiling!

Dental Group at Polaris is eager to get you a smile you love and help you gain confidence. Whether you’ve had a missing tooth your entire life, or a new chip, we believe everyone deserves a smile they feel comfortable in. We use the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry Lewis Center to get you a radiant smile.

The first step to achieving a better smile is to call us at (614) 888-3692 to schedule a consultation. We are located in Lewis Center, OH. Call or come in to see how we can give you your best smile. For more information on improving the overall health of your smile, feel free to visit our blog.


We provide results you can trust. Ask any of our team members about the amazing transformations we’ve made. Start your journey to a better smile today!