Oral Cancer Screening

We provide an oral cancer screening at every dental exam.

Our knowledgeable staff are highly qualified to spot abnormalities that may require closer inspection.

After 31 years of treating clients in the Lewis Center, Columbus, Powell, Westerville, Galena, and nearby communities, Dental Group at Polaris has the expertise and knowledge to discern oral irregularities.

What does an oral cancer screening entail?

The screening is fast, comprehensive, and pain-free. We assess the following areas:

If we find something abnormal, we may refer you to a different office for additional testing or reexamine in the future to see if anything has changed.

When should I get a screening for oral cancer?

Regular screenings are key to finding anything out of the ordinary early on. Our attentive team will establish a dental care system to better protect you from issues before they develop or stop them from progressing. While every patient is unique, we may suggest a more indepth, pain-free, screening to further examine the issue.

Dental Group at Polaris collaborates with only the best dental experts in the great Lewis Center, OH area to provide you with quality and thoughtful care. We will happily refer you to the right treatments providers to offer you the most attentive service possible.