Rotary Endodontics

At Dental Group at Polaris, we proudly offer a more comfortable treatments for root canal procedures. Using rotary endodontic technology offers many benefits over traditional root canal therapy, all beginning with the tools.

We use rotary endodontics with electrically-powered tools rather than traditional manual files and stainless-steel instruments to treat root canals. The hand tool we use is made with nickel titanium and is five times more flexible than stainless steel.

The flexible neck-titanium instrument performs unique movements to insert deep into a curved root canal without damaging or widening the passageway. This allows a faster and more efficient procedure.

Advantages of Rotary Endodontics

These cutting edge tools are more precise, quieter and faster than traditional instruments.


The nickel titanium is able to clean out the root canal more efficiently and consistently.


Root canal procedures have fewer chances of complications and are more reliable.


The tool is much smoother and quieter than the traditional tools. The makes the procedure more comfortable as you don’t have the loud grinding noises you have with manual files.


A faster treatment time, paired with instruments that are quieter, and more effective, creates a more comfortable environment and a happier client.

Call (614) 888-3692 today and our highly skilled staff can help determine if rotary orthodontics are a good treatment option for you.